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SAMA has different websites for certain areas. This site covers Hove, Brighton, Lewes, Seaford, Eastbourne, Bexhill, St Leonards, Hastings & Battle. For info on other areas please click here

Martial Arts & Fitness for the whole family

Established since 1978 and headed by chief instructor Hanshi Alan Gibson 8th Dan who has over 53 years martial arts experience, SAMA Organisation has become the largest professional karate and kickboxing group in the U.K. with over 14,000 students training weekly.

We teach separate classes for adults, youths and kids. As well as teaching in leisure centres, schools and other venues, we also have a full time, fully kitted out training centre in Brighton.

All our classes are PAY-AS-YOU-GO

Unlike many martial arts groups, boot camps or gyms etc all of our classes are pay-as-you-go. This gives our parents and students great flexibility when it comes to attending classes. If for any reason you or your child are unable to make the lesson i.e due to sickness, away on holiday or just can't make it one week you have the reassurance that you are not losing your money.

SAMA instructors are fully qualified

All of our instructors hold first aid and Health and safety certification. They follow a F.E.K.O endorsed child protection policy, also all instructors have been enhanced disclosure code 3 police checked which is the highest check available for working with children.

SAMA is fully recognised & insured

SAMA is a full member of F.E.K.O (Federation of English Karate Organisations), F.I.K.O (Federation of International Karate Organisations) and F.M.A (Federation of Martial Arts Association). SAMA is also an approved youth group, examiners for GCSE Karate and registered Change for Life supporter. SAMA has £10,000,000 Public Liability, £2,000,000 Instructor Indemnity and individual member Insurance.


More from SAMA

SAMA Fun Factory

SAMA Fun Factory is a children’s indoor fun factory based in Brighton. The play area is made up of climbing frames, slides, climbing walls, soft play and a ball pit. Adults can relax in the cafe area or even take advantage of our ‘Drop and Shop’ service and pop in to town for shopping and errands; safe in the knowledge their children are happy and supervised.

The venue is located next door to a car park that only charges £1 per hour, plus its conveniently located to many Bus routes and Brighton train station. Click on the logo for full details.

SAMA Fight Nights

SAMA is very proud to present a series of SAMA Fight Nights. The events will be competitions displaying a high caliber of Kickboxing and and K1 martial arts with local and visiting talent. The launch night is to be held at the Holiday Inn on Kings Road on the Brighton Sea Front. Click on the logo for full details.

Proud SAMA sponsor - Iron Fist Sports

SAMA sponsor - Iron Fist Sports

Iron Fist Sports are a sponsor of SAMA events. Iron Fist are makers of quality sports and martial arts clothing so are the perfect partnership for SAMA martial arts.

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